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Transformation – both Enterprise and Process – is typically initiated at the CXO level, with profound implications throughout the enterprise. We support Transformation Initiatives as follows:

High Level Strategy development or redevelopment: Bringing to bear market data, custom research, and world class analytics to develop or refine transformation concepts. Often with initial ideation sessions to explore areas where the Enterprise has permission and ability to play, before developing central business themes.

Business Planning
Detailing the transformation business themes as they relate to current (or near future) organizational structure, business objectives, performance metrics and budgeting & planning. Consensus / alignment with each BU to the transformation plan is critical and often requires both external data and internal analysis to demonstrate how each stakeholder participates in the overall transformation and growth.

Technology Scoping
High level planning of the technology implementations required to enable the transformation. Critically, translating business objectives to actionable IT objectives, informed by newly developed guiding principles to inform any new technology investment. Frequently existing infrastructure can be repurposed to deliver new value, which may not be apparent to IT managers who have been tasked with cost reduction goals for so long.

Handoff & Results Monitoring
 Transition implementation execution to internal and/or external groups (e.g. GSI’s) to develop the needed capabilities, specify organizational roles and establish key performance metrics to be reported back to Executives. Broad oversight often identifies areas of misalignment and/or gaps, which would hinder execution. Likewise, ongoing involvement can troubleshoot early barriers and maximize future success as insights are gained through execution.

As a practical matter, implementation challenges often impede business strategies – even sound and clearly articulated ones.  In fact, most of the pain felt by an organization is in the area of execution, often resulting in the exploration of outside resources to help solve the problems. We focus on bottom up support to align business & IT execution with business strategies.  Alignment examples:

Project Phasing: Often even ROI driven projects may be structured in such a way that very large investments are required prior to results being delivered, significantly increasing risk in the minds of business stakeholders.  Projects can be restructured to deliver ROI at each phase, demonstrating early successes, vetting assumptions and therefore de-risking future investment. Similarly, expected returns may not be realized and worse still, the uncomfortable realization that none of the stakeholders can satisfactorily explain why.  

BusinessOps / Strategy Translation:
DataOps have made significant inroads in making data accessible. Though less mature, AIOps can effectively select among standard algorithms, enable optimizations and custom applications of ML & AI. However, delivery of business value is all too often lackluster, at best. Well-meaning business executives often have unrealistic expectations of AI, often fueled by overzealous IT Vendor Partner’s claims. Skilled data scientists need translative guidance, context and understanding of the nuanced relationships in business environments to discern meaningful and actionable findings.


Our methodologies are business strategy-centric and independent of underlying technologies.  They can be adapted and applied to most verticals via market analysis, and through use of our horizontal offerings which include:

  • Business Model transformation
  • Exploiting Data/Analytics/AI for Innovation
  • Strategic Initiative Ideation (SII/VisionStudio)


We have a primary focus on:

Healthcare, particularly where Analytics/AI can drive more optimal and effective Patient experience, as well as streamlined condition identification and resolution

Security, specifically in the context of plugging the gap between Premise Security and Network Security, extending to BioSecurity and Chaotic events.         

Education, where DataOps and AIOps can be leveraged across Academics, Security (incl Video), and Health/Safety

High Tech, including Social Media, semiconductor

Financial Services / Insurance, where ineffective approaches and antiquated products (eg, Netezza, Teradata) need be modernized and integrated with cloud-native models

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